The Dance Academy continues to be a GROWING dance studio in our area!
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The Dance Academy's Recreational Dance Program offers classes for Preschool students (including the popular Sweetheart Station - a combination of dance and gymnastics instruction) through 12th Grade.  All classes learn routines to be performed on stage at our Year End Dance Production.
Classes include:
​Preschool: Sweetheart Station and Shining Stars (ballet/tap)
​Eementary School Age:  Sparklers and Shooting Stars (ballet/tap)
​Middle School Age:  Dazzlers (jazz/tap)
​High School Age:  Stars (jazz/tap)
​DA Crew (age 7+):  hip/hop and jazz
​Boys ONLY!:  hip hop and tap

The Dance Academy has four Performing Dance Companies (Audition required)-Beginner thru Advanced Levels.  We attend competitions within the Twin City area; Advanced Levels attend National Competitions.  In addition, we offer a variety of Technique Classes with the focus on improving the specific dance technique of the Company Dancer.  Those classes include: ballet, tap, jazz, leap & turn, stretch & conditioning.

Know a dancer?  Tell them about...The Dance Academy at Gym Nation.   If they enroll, you earn a $25 credit on your account.

Dance Classes
Gymnastics, Dance, Karate and Ninja for KIDS!