Party 411....aka our Parent Personal Sanity PSA:

Whether it's for a BIRTHDAY or just to recognize a year end celebration, Gym Nation would LOVE to host your party.

Our parents LOVE that there is a FUN hour of activity and then time for Cake and presents...BUT the #1 reason parents host thier party with us is because when it's all over...thier house is nice and clean! 

Parties run for 90 minutes and generally include and hour of activity in the gym and then 30 minutes for food and presents.  We provide supervision and plan the hour in the gym.  We also have the party table and all the coverings including; Party table covering, Plates, Napkins, Fork and Cup  
PARENTS BRING thier choice of food. 

Base Party is $150 -Duration is 90 mins
Birthday Child and up to 8 guests
Invites provided.... opposite side is the Safety Waiver, required for each guest.
Additional guests are allowed just an additional $12 per guest.
Call the office to check current dates and times available!
Gymnastics, Dance, Karate and Ninja for KIDS!